Thursday, April 01, 2010

and i can still see the graves of the dead.

please don't take him just because you can your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green your smile is like a breath of spring your voice is soft like summer rain and I cannot compete with you jolene he talks about you in his sleep there's nothing i can do to keep from crying when he calls your name, jolene

herro dolly parton moment.

i've started listening to old stuff again. i remember when all i did for a month was listen to funeral for a friend. i'm really tired. tomorrow i'm going to the AA rummage sale with henry und georgee, hopefully i'll pick up something nice.

i'm just so sexy

elizabeth and james. i could never wear these, but they're so gorgeous. lace & buttons - uhhh yum. things i dream about include these shoes, having the legs to wear these shoes, valentino's spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection, a nice bicycle, control over the weather and driving lessons.

oh and these burberry prorsum boots.


what the fuck. i think my scales are broken. i am now 140 pounds. i was 130, then i was 120 something, then apparently i was 116 the other day. and now i'm 140? i'm confused. and fat, apparently.

okay, i was wearing a lot of clothing. despite this, i am 137 or so. what the actual fuck. i'm horrifically confused. i thought i could do this but i am completely bemused. i should stop eating so much. fuckerrr. and i found out that i can't smoke throughout the duration of the harrow school course. i'm actually just going to fall over, and die. without smoking, i will have to fill the void of my being with something, which will probably be food. so i'm going to gain more weight. i'm considering applying for visa electron just so i can buy fucking pills off the internet. i feel like such shit it's disgraceful. i'm disgraceful.

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