Monday, October 25, 2010

these feelings don't go awayyy

everything i ordered from asos has turned up :) photos will arrive later, i'm curled up in bed and i can't get out to dress up. i did ombre nails earlier. tried out a different colour on each nail, and then clear base on one hand, white base on the other. \

this is with clear base, i couldn't get a decent picture of the other hand. i'm going to wear them for a few days to decided which i like. other things that are new; the bump on the back of my helix is back, my dad is sending me some money, and i've realized that i'm actually quite happy at the moment. college is good, i've been keeping up and grades are good. my weight is fluctuating as usual, but i've lost 2kg since june. not that impressive, seeing as i need to lose another 15, which at this rate would take me a year, but nonetheless an achievement. feeling like things are falling into place. UCAS is all sorted, and soon i can be somewhere else. someone else, perhaps.

watching aladdin and in that mellow sort of mood where thinking about the future doesn't scare me. i mean, i'm thinking of several futures and they all seem like they'd end well for me. even though i like to hang on to a couple of never-going-to-happen events. just in case. hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune - without the words, and never stops at all <3


  1. i knew chip and pin would be the end of you lol
    and of course things are going good because i love you ever so much!

    perhaps more then ever.

  2. CHIP AND PIN HAS RUINED ME. i should never have wandered down that road. but it's too late now, asos has made me its bitch.



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