Tuesday, October 12, 2010


my outfit from the other day which i can't upload to lookbook, as it's being a wank.
the top's from hong kong. i was going to get it altered tighter but i figured that belting would be a better idea. it has zips on the shoulders, which i'm not sure i like.

my order finally arrived, so i'm in a rather good mood :)

Jonathan Aston Mock Suspender Tights

i loooove these, i saw them on lookbook and loved them.

Lace Trim Pointelle Slip Dress in Nude

this is super super soft and it's going to be part of my halloween costume.

Boudoir Lace Longline Bra in Coral

the sad thing about this is that there aren't matching pants :(

Seam Detail Maxi Skirt

i ordered this a couple of days ago so it should arrive soon - i need a maxi skirt, although for now wearing my dress as a skirt will do.

i also got a couple of comics from neil gaiman's sandman collection; dream country, a game of you and brief lives.

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