Thursday, September 09, 2010

what we think creates the world around us.

sylvain sylvain; new york dolls

alain delon

heath ledger

just some things from my photos folder. such beautiful men. and how time ravages us.

zara, sept '10 collection.

i love this. it's not so much a lack of structure as carefully coiffed cloth. and the slouchyness of the whole thing makes me wish i was 5'9 and thin enough for this not to look like i'm trying to hide under it.

what i look like today.


i thought you said summer is going to take the pain away; hello saferide
heartbreaker; pat benetar
hummingbird; born ruffians
murder by numbers; the police
blinking pigs; little dragon


  1. yumm, that zara collection looks fantastic. I want :))

  2. i wish i could afford the whole thing, i couldn't see anything i disliked at all.


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