Tuesday, May 11, 2010

stop being you. please.

fuckety fuckety fuck you make me nervous. you make me so goddamn nervous i could just throw up. alll over the floor. shit. i just want to curl up in a ball and scream. today has been such a shitpile of a day and it's not getting much better. perhaps i'm just extra hormonal or perhaps i just don't want to do this anymore. my resits start next friday and i can't breathe. just can't do it. i just want to put my headphones in and put some john lennon on and lie in grass with a picnic blanket and a glass of pink lemonade. actually, that's bullshit. i want to go back to two summers ago and stay there forever. and sit on repulse bay beach and drink beers and party until 5 am in wanchai. and i want fishball noodles in aberdeen and i want stanley market and i want monique's house in fanling and i want 7-11 and i want red taxis and i want my dad. and i can't have any of that here and it's killing me.

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