Tuesday, May 04, 2010

sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet

old make-up shot

i cut the waist off a pair of old denim cutoffs that have gotten so frayed and ripped they're basically rags. idk.

i made the top from an old dress that was super ripped at the bottom, so i cut off the worst of the tearing and sewed up the bottom layers and it's now just a little corset top thing. it really holds everything in, even though it's made of such a delicate fabric.

i'm happy today.

1 comment:

  1. hey (:
    thanks for the comment on my prom post.
    i think i'm getting a different coloured bag with gold accents or something similar. definately not blue.

    is that a skirt in the second picture ?
    or is it just the waistband of the jeans ?
    if it's just the waistband it would look good sewn onto a floral material for a skirt.
    quite edgy



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