Wednesday, October 28, 2009


it's wednesday and i really am quite tired - being ill is SO much fun. not. i was planning on going to waterstone's to spend some book vouchers, but ended up sitting on the hill with andrew and abusing him. fun times. hopefully i won't still be this sick on saturday - drunk and ill is never a combination. i should start my work but i'm seriously unmotivated. i can never see the point in doing my work first. i know this is a bad approach to things, but i'm just too lazy to do this sort of thing. my half-term grades are probably horrific. but i really don't care at all.

life is strange at the moment - not sure where i am with some people, and just not sure of some people. i'd like to be certain about how i feel about situations, but i never am. perhaps this is part of a 'learning experience.' or not. i'm sitting here listening to 'pour some sugar on me' and wondering whether i'm supposed to feel like this. nonetheless.

'love is like a bomb baby come and get it on'

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