Sunday, July 25, 2010

some bits and bobs.

firstly, i did a little shopping and i haven't taken photos of everything, just stuff i got today. i bought some beautiful grey suede heels in thailand, and some other little sandal things. forty dollar tan strappy sandals would be the best buy. today, went to maple and got two dress/tops, two rings and a necklace. and a bunch of pop socks.

the ramones dress is my favourite; it has pockets and it's actually calf length but instead of getting it tailored, i can actually just hike it up and it smoothes out just fine, so i can have it really short, or knee-ish. i'm unsure about the white top. it's a really intricate pattern but the fit of it sits funny on me. i need to buy more rings and earrings - i need a more substantial jewellery collection.

h&m's 2010 fall collection is beautifulllllll.

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